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WISTARI Celebrating fifty years of race entries in 2018

Essential guide to following the race

It has never been easier to watch the start of Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race and follow the action all the way through to Gladstone. Whether you are on the water, standing on shore or watching the world leading live streaming of the Race you will not miss a second of the action.

To get the full effect of the race atmosphere you cant beat joining the action on the water among the spectator fleet of craft of all shapes and sizes from ferries to kayaks. But if you're not lucky enough to be there in person when the starting gun fires there are plenty of ways to follow the race, worldwide and for free.

Live Streaming

The start of the QantasLink 70th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race will be streamed live locally, nationally and to the farthest reaches of the globe for audiences to watch on their mobile device or computer via this website, the Qantas website and the Brisbane to Gladstone Facebook page.

Bringing the spectacle to audiences for all to see will be accomplished through cutting edge delivery technology, six on the water cameras, drones and a professional commentary team.


Click here for the Live Stream>>>

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On the Web

For those who can not watch the stream live, you will be able to watch the broadcast at any time via this website of our facebook site. The website also have links to the yacht tracker, previous results and infomation on all the yachts competing. For up to the minute news, make use of our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds or just keep an eye on the front page of this site for hourly updates.

Yacht Tracker

By far the most visited page of the website is the Yacht Tracker page, which allows viewers to track the entire fleet or a particular boat from start to finish. Yacht Tracker uses a specifically designed tool that calculates the predicted results for each and every boat in the fleet, so you can see how each boat is performing.

Each yacht will be fitted with a Yellowbrick tracker that will obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back to Yellowbrick HQ using the Iridium satellite network.

Each yacht's position is then visualised on the race yacht tracker map. In addition, the yacht tracker system also shows distance to finish line and progressive corrected time positions under the IRC, ORCi and PHRF handicap divisions

Click here for the Tracker

On the Water

If you've got access to a boat then you can be on the water with the fleet for the start of the race or at the first turning mark off Redcliffe. Bramble Bay is always very busy and crowded before the start so make sure you familiarize yourself with the Race Exclusion Zone

If you dont have a boat but would still like to be on the water take a look at Brisbane Cruises who will be offering day cruises to view the race. Brisbane Cruises will be granted access to the exclusion zone close to all the on-water action.



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